About Orbital Analytics

Orbital Analytics are a specialist boutique digital and sales marketing agency.  


We specialise in helping corporate management develop successful sales/marketing strategies to meet their digital and commercial objectives.


We work with clients to develop beyond the more traditional internet commercial activities and help them drive performance and create sales marketing and digital strategies that develop longer term business and commercial success.

Analytical Services

We analyse client sales and marketing objectives and determine the key priorities in relation to their sales marketing and digital strategies.  


Strategies are developed and proposed which directly relate to the digital and sales marketing potential of the Client. This helps them to develop a more in-depth long term sales and marketing vision which can be integrated into their business planning.


Where requested we work directly with the client management team to help implement the agreed strategies.

Analytical Principles

The right strategies for achieving commercial and digital goals is one that integrates sales marketing into the organisation as a whole and not as separate activities.


Results come through effective analysis of market activity, at an international level, that then help develop & evolve successful business results.  


The strategies also allow Clients to develop detailed tactics to be implemented to improve sales marketing performance and enhance corporate growth.

We offer Clients specialist digital and commercial research and consulting in helping extend their markets and develop customer centric relationships.

Our specialisation offers a wide range of expertise that goes far beyond the traditional digital methodologies.

We work closely with clients in an interactive and confidential manner that drives their sales and marketing strategies into the future.

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